In-Store Videos Are The Fastest Growing Marketing Trend, And For Good Reason

Eye-Catching, Moving Graphics Engage Shoppers

The bright, moving graphics catch the customer’s eye like nothing else can, and let you engage your customers with your message like never before possible

A Powerful Tool

In-store videos are a powerful new tool to increase sales and strengthen your brand awareness, which is why they’re popping up in stores and offices everywhere

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To Have a Video In Your Store

 A Powerful Tool That Engages Customers In A Dynamic Way
Like Nothing Else Can

Today’s savvy shoppers enter stores with increasingly higher expectations. They expect a visual, immersive experience when they visit a store, and business owners are increasingly challenged to create an innovative shopping experience. In-store videos immediately catch the customer’s attention with your message. They provide an excellent way to promote your most profitable offers and help you accomplish your sales goals.

 Visual digital technologies give you a rich, dynamic way to interact with your customers. They immediately increase the ambiance of your store, and show that your business is modern, trendy and tech savvy.They create an immersive brand experience that improves your current marketing effectiveness. They are a powerful tool that engages customers in a dynamic way like nothing else can

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth

Promotes Your Most Profitable Items

In-store videos provide an excellent way to promote your most profitable items directly at the time of your customer’s decision point

Creates An Immersive Brand Experience

Creates an immersive brand experience to help grow your brand and increase customer loyalty

A New Way to Interact
With Your Customer

Digital displays give you a rich, dynamic way to engage your customers with your message

But Don’t Just Take Our  
Word For It…

According to the Cisco IBSG study, over 40% of shoppers say digital displays can change what they buy. By using in-store videos to reach customers at their decision point, retailers have generated higher brand awareness and profits.

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